OWRD Application G 18843 Watch

Regarding WAG Holdings LLC’s “Administrative Hold” which expired on 12/23/2020 at Oregon Water Resources Department to grant permission to drill a well: nothing has happened yet and it is being watched for “breaking news” by the Save Chehalem Mountain Water Committee.

You can find the application and its current status, like the example picture above, here.

You can read public comments here.

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2 Comments on “OWRD Application G 18843 Watch

  1. Morning, This time of the year it’s uncommon for multiple reasons to see wells being drilled. Sent from somewhere


  2. I am writing this in OPPOSITION to application G-18843 for 18505 NE Jaquith Rd, Newberg, OR 97132. My husband and I have spent our whole lives saving and purchasing land on Chehalem Mountain. We have lived here for more than 20 years and worked hard to take care of the land. It’s distressing that anyone would be considered for a water right of this size particularly when everyone who lives here on the mountain can only use enough for their home use and a half acre surrounding their home. Not only has this application jeopardized the water available for both humans and crops, it compromises the area for fire. We have been dealing with drought conditions for years and the fires last summer/ fall destroyed and threaten our homes and livelihood. How will we be able to fight fires in the future without enough water? Oregon has always promoted itself on how well we take care of the land and we as property owners have paid plenty in property taxes to live in this beautiful country. Do we not care about climate change and the future of the well being of the state of Oregon? Why is it that the average citizen is consistently ignored? Passing this application will destroy our homes and livelihood as we know it! DON’T PERMIT THIS!!!!!
    (Could you please forward this message to the water master and administration considering this application? Thank you, Daphne Green

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