Weekly Update and Public Hearing Notice 2/1/21

There is no new information on the weekly Oregon Water Resources Department update that relates to the activities at 18505 NE Jaquith Rd.

However, the following information applies to our situation:

1) Resident Jon S. brought this short article to our attention to share with the group regarding Wall Street trading water as a commodity in the West. Treating water as a tradable commodity has experts weighing in on the future implications from different perspectives:


2) Resident David W. has been writing letters (a small sample are attached at the bottom of this post) to government officials who are currently developing policy on topics that would have lasting impacts in the community

a) The “Hemp Agenda”: There was a public hearing on 1/28/21 in which the House Committee On Agriculture and Natural Resources directed the State Department of Agriculture to administer Oregon Hemp State Program for production, processing and sale of hemp. The Oregon Hemp Commission was established. Click the link below to see all the details:

 Agriculture and Natural Resources House 2021 Regular Session – Oregon Legislative Information System

b) The House Committee on Water Agenda on 1/28/21 resulted in increases of certain fees charged by the Water Resources Department. The details can be found at the link below:

 Water House 2021 Regular Session – Oregon Legislative Information System

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