Weekly Update & New Media Resources 3/6/21

Good Afternoon Neighbors,

As always, we appreciate your letters to the OWRD. Keep them coming! We are thrilled the case for our community is being strengthened by our neighbors each passing day. If you would be willing to have your letter featured anonymously to inspire or inform our followers, don’t hesitate to reach out. Directly below is our handy template for writing your OWRD emails.

Brand new to the website is our “Media” dropdown menu. We will continue to add relevant news articles for you to review related to local wildfires, groundwater and aquifer issues, and chemical refinery/processing facility explosions. If you have suggestions for trusted articles you think may add to our narrative, please email us a link and a brief description.


Your Weekly Water Report, courtesy of our hard-working and dedicated Water Committee, is available in the link below. This week’s water report focuses on well monitoring in the area around the proposed well at 18505 Jaquith, as well as some other valuable information regarding measuring your own well water levels. Please take a moment to review these valuable resources and the further readings the Committee has provided for us this week.

Lastly, before you go:

Who has re-drilled / deepened their well?

It has been suggested that we compile a list of those who have had to red-drill or deepen their well over the past 50 years.  This will add to the body of information that will strengthen our case. Please email us with just your street name (for mapping purposes to closest streams) at SaveChehalemMountain@gmail.com and any information you would be comfortable sharing concerning your experience with well re-drilling.

Thank you!

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  1. Maybe check with some of the local well drilling companies as some newer home owners may not know about the history of theirs wells.

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