Weekly Update & House Bill 3239 3/14/21

Good Afternoon Neighbors,

We have a great opportunity to support a bill that would limit chemical processing of marijuana in residential areas, and subject such operations to a fire safety plan.

HB3239 is scheduled for a public hearing this Thursday, March 18th, 2021 at 3:15 PM. Written testimony may be submitted up to 24 hours after the meeting start time. The following link will direct you to specific screenshots with instructions on how to submit testimony on a bill. We support this bill! We hope you will take the time before Friday at 3:15 PM to submit your testimony in support of this bill as well.

Link: How to Submit Testimony on a Bill

The following link will bring you to the page with the meeting details. You can view a live stream of the meeting, as well as get further instructions on how to get involved. The link at the very bottom on the page allows you to “Click to Submit Testimony”.

Link: Meeting Details/Submit Testimony

Thank you for taking the time to ensure our voices are heard in support of HB3239. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity and your testimony is incredibly important to our cause. Find submitted testimony examples HERE.

This week’s water report highlights the continued importance for fire reservoirs in our region, and explains Water-Use Permit Applications and Processing Steps and where we are in that process with the G-18843 application at 18505 Jaquith. Check out the quick and informative read below!

Please share this information and these opportunities with your community. We can achieve our goals of protecting our homes and businesses if we work together. Thank you for your support.

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