Weekly Update 3/30/21

Good Afternoon Neighbors,

We are again providing information for you to email OWRD to support our cause and build our case, per our Water Attorney.

All comments should be sent to:

TO: Kim French, OWRD Water Rights Application Specialist  Kim.R.French@Oregon.gov

CC: Alyssa Mucken, OWRD Water Rights Section Manager  Alyssa.M.Mucken@Oregon.gov

Subject Line:  Please add to File / Application G-18843

WAG Holdings LLC’s application G-18843 remains on Administrative Hold for this week.  Remember that the applicant can supply information requested in the Initial Review at any time.

If information is approved, the application could move forward to Proposed Final Order with 45 days for a Protest to be filed.

Knowing the applicant has moved the proposed well to a new location, almost ¼ mile north, we believe a 2nd review is necessary and therefore we are asking Save Chehalem Mountain residents to request that further Public Comments be accepted.

In the Initial Review June 12, 2020, it was declared that this application will have an impact on surface water flows where STE (Threatened) fish are present.  However, only Chehalem Ck, on the south side of Chehalem Mt. was considered.  Without further review, it is believed the new well location would now tend to threaten STE fish in McFee Creek and its tributaries.

The applicant has been denied water for irrigation during the months of July, August and September and has been required to:

·         Justify that water use will only occur when water is available


·         Demonstrate they can obtain water from an alternative source

By now most of you know that this application must satisfy requirements of the Chehalem Mountain Ground Water LIMITED Area in accordance with Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) listed under 690-502-0200.  We have included that OAR to familiarize residents with the rules in this week’s Tuesday Report.

Last weeks Tuesday Water below!

We are updating the website and will be pleased to offer you a new, revamped home page and some organized further resources for learning about the the issues we are monitoring on our aquifer very soon. Stay tuned!

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