Weekly Update 4/8/21

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On to the water reports!

The next several water reports will be a series following the different steps and documents used to approve a water right, starting with the application filed by WAG HOLDINGS LLC and their Agent in October, 2019.

As these reports are part of a chronological series, last weeks water report is featured first:

This weeks water report is the second in the series following the steps to approve a water right.

There are 3 sections to the technical review attached:

In the following report you are looking at a PUBLIC INTEREST REVIEW FOR GROUNDWATER APPLICATIONS.  This is basically a geological/hydrological engineering report of factors that pertain to a proposed large water-use situation located in an area limited by administrative restriction known as the “Chehalem Mountain Groundwater Limited Area” (CMGWLA). 

A.      Presumptions Groundwater – with applicants request and limiting factors.

B.      Groundwater Availability Considerations – which set conditions and provide the geological/hydrological data used to set those conditions.

C.      Groundwater/Surface Water Considerations – that deal with how the proposed well would interact with area streams using supporting data to make their recommendations.

Be advised this report could be intimidating to read for those of us not educated and trained in geological/hydrological engineering disciplines.  This weekly report will not go into great detail but will attempt to point out areas of importance in the OWRD decision making process and will be followed next week with the INITIAL REVIEW from the Water Rights Section who officially notifies the applicant of these findings and subsequent conditions required to allow them to drill the proposed well.

Those wishing to write comments to be used in the G-18843 file should remember to address them to the following:

All comments should be sent to:

TO: Kim French, OWRD Water Rights Application Specialist   Kim.R.French@Oregon.gov

CC: Alyssa Mucken, OWRD Water Rights Section Manager   Alyssa.M.Mucken@Oregon.gov

Subject Line:  Please add to File / Application G-18843

A big thank you to our enhanced Water Team for their weekly diligence and exceptional information!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at savechehalemmountain@gmail.com and we will be happy to help and go into further detail!

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