Weekly Update 4/26/21

Status: G-18843 remains on Administrative Hold with OWRD as the weather improves and the 2021 planting season gets underway.

This week’s report takes a look at the initial review, which is the official report to the Applicant and Agent regarding the findings from the Public Interest Review we featured in our last post.  Looking back at the Permit Application Process flow chart (Aquabook Pg 17), OWRD issues a Proposed Final Order (PFO) and Public Notice to either APPROVE or DENY the application.  The normal status at this point in the process is PROPOSE TO APPROVE the application with any CONDITIONS and/or gather additional information necessary to allow appropriation of ground water for WAG Holdings.

If and when WAG Holdings decides they can proceed given the required conditions and submits the requested supplementary information, the application could be moved to a status of PROPOSED FINAL ORDER and PERMIT.

It is at this stage of the process where anyone opposing the order can file a PROTEST.  If the protest cannot be resolved, a CONTESTED CASE is initiated to resolve the dispute.

A side note to the last posted Tuesday Water Report.  The water committee has learned of a technical video which explains how the Public Interest Review or engineering technical report is completed.

Link to Aquabook:https://www.oregon.gov/owrd/WRDPublications1/aquabook.pdf
Link to Technical Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbkVp0yFYBQ#action=share

As always, a very hearty THANK YOU to the group who is dedicating so much time to these water issues and sharing it with all of us!  

In website news updates, we are now pleased to offer a volunteer page. If you have interest or expertise in any of the areas listed on the volunteer page, please use the links provided to get in touch with us via email to discuss where you may be able to direct your efforts. Topics include fire, media, and threatened species, among others!


Thank you for your support, keeping our neighbors informed and engaged, and of course for your donations. We have made great progress in our fight for sustainable use of resources, but our work isn’t over. We plan to stay vigilant and continue to work hard to protect our homes and businesses.


One Comment on “Weekly Update 4/26/21

  1. With the current projection of limited rain and draught conditions, the approval of additional extraction of ground water is NOT A POSITIVE decision. Look at Klamath and their over use of ground water which has been extracted to point that it is dried up. Too many homes that rely upon access will be lost to use. Large commercial new businesses need to find a more reliable source.

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