Weekly Update Newsletter 5/28/21

Good Evening Neighbors, and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

We took last week off so there are a few extra items to make you aware of this week. Thank you for taking a look!

1) Zoom County Water Task Force Meeting: June 28 10:00 – Noon.

This public meeting is intended to identify problems and brainstorm solutions. Our Water Committee wants to articulate our concerns and submit with questions and suggested actions to Commissioner Casey Kulla before the meeting.  Please submit your thoughts by Monday June 21st to allow time:  Email us: SaveChehalemMountain@gmail.com.

Join Zoom Meeting: June 28th 10:00am – Noon


Meeting ID: 856 1330 5886

Passcode: 016631


In December 2020 we sent out a post card alerting 1,859 residents.  This may be how you found out about the dangers your home/business faces.  There are still thousands of residents (many who received the postcard) who are unaware. We need $1,122.45 to cover postage & supplies for a 3 page flyer to raise awareness to another 1,855 residents.  Please contribute via the website utilizing PayPal.  Any large donations would be appreciated via check to avoid processing fees. 


The Water Attorney needs a list to present to OWRD in our fight. We have only heard from 4 of you. Email: SaveChehalemMountain@gmail.com

4) HELP!  We need more of you to get involved to help protect your homes/businesses/ community from the fire danger, loss of water and to spread the news of what all of us are facing.  Volunteers are needed for existing committees related to fire, water, Yamhill County Time/Place & Manner Regulations. We will help guide you on what needs to be done. We cannot do this alone with our current small group.

Email us: SaveChehalemMountain@gmail.com


Volunteers on our Fire Committee are working with TVFR to get this area designated as “Firewise”. Homeowners sign up as a group for advice, informational classes & potential funding assistance programs associated with costs to create defensible spaces. 

To Sign Up email: Cheryle.Douglas@comcast.net 

Thanks to Neighbor Jon S. for submitting data regarding Oregon fires.  There are (2) new articles: “A summary of the 2020 Fire Season” & “The Dangerous Fire Season that Looms in the Drought Stricken Western US as We head for a Water Crisis”.  To read them click here: https://savechehalemmountain.com/local-wildfires/

6) IN OREGON NEWS: “Residents Take Concerns over Illegal Marijuana Grows in Josephine County to State Officials asking for Declaration of State of Emergency.” They are experiencing rural loss of water, depleting streams, infected salmon, destroyed riparian habitat, land clearing and increases in crime.  We are trying to avoid this in our area! Worth a read at: https://ktvl.com/news/local/residents-take-concerns-over-illegal-marijuana-grows-in-josephine-to-state-officials

From now on, weekly water reports will be kept in a separate location on our website. Once that is established and organized for reading, we will post the link to it. Stay tuned!

Thank you for getting the word out. 

Please donate and volunteer…we need your help!

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

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