Weekly Update Newsletter 6/4/21

Good Evening, Neighbors!

Here are a few key points and interesting news updates for the week:


June 28 10:00 – Noon. This public meeting is intended to identify problems and brainstorm solutions. Our Water Committee will articulate our concerns and submit  questions / suggested actions to Commissioner Casey Kulla before the meeting.  Please submit your thoughts by Monday June 21st to allow time:  Email us. 

Join Zoom Meeting: June 28th 10:00am – Noon


Meeting ID: 856 1330 5886

Passcode: 016631


December 2020 we sent out a post card alerting 1,859 residents.  This is how you found out about the dangers of what your home/business faces.  There are still thousands of residents (many who received the postcard) who are unaware. It costs $1,122.45 to cover postage & supplies for a 3 page flyer to raise awareness to another 1,855 residents.  Please contribute via the website utilizing PayPal.  Large donations would be appreciated via check to avoid processing fees. Email us. 

3) HELP! 

We are a small group of volunteers & we need more of you to get involved to help protect your homes/businesses/ community from the loss of water, fire danger and to spread the news of what all of us are facing.  Volunteers are needed for existing committees related to fire, water, Yamhill County Time/Place & Manner Regulations. We will help guide you on what needs to be done. We need your assistance to continue, please volunteer. Email us.


Calif, Sonoma County’s conversation over commercial cannabis hit a big reset May 17, when Sonoma County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to require themselves to conduct a full-blown programmatic environmental impact report (EIR) prior to completing any updates to the current commercial cannabis cultivation ordinance first adopted in 2018.  “I think we owe an apology,” said Supervisor David Rabbitt. “We haven’t been doing any favors for the (cannabis) industry, neighbors or the county. It’s time to hit a reset. I think we failed.” Board chair Lynda Hopkins agreed, “Yes, I think we owe an apology and admit we have learned a lesson.”  Lawsuits are being threatened by Rural Residents who are concerned over loss of water, endangered species and conservation/protection of the Mark West Creek and Watershed.

Full Article here: https://www.sonomawest.com/CountyCannabis

See what another group like ours is doing to protect their homes/businesses/environment: Friends of Mark West Water Shed (similar to Save Chehalem Mountain): https://www.markwestwatershed.org/about-fmww


volunteers continue to work with the Yamhill County Leaders (Commissioners/Planning Director/Attorney) to consider formally adopting safety measures.  Under HB 3400 County Commissioners have the authority to adopt sensible guidelines to protect citizens, the environment, quality of life, home values and the lives of First Responders.  Almost every other County in Oregon has adopted these measures. YamCo Planning Director Ken Friday has given a copy of a draft to his senior planner, next it goes to YamCo Attorney, Todd Sadlo for review and then to our group.

By example this is Clackamas Cnty MJ TPM Regulations: https://www.clackamas.us/planning/marijuana.html

Thank you for your support and for getting the word out.  

Please donate and volunteer We need your help.

Have a wonderful and sunny weekend!

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