Weekly Newsletter Update 6/19/21

1) ZOOM COUNTY WATER TASK FORCE MEETING: June 28 10:00 – Noon. This public meeting is intended to identify problems and brainstorm solutions. Our Water Committee will articulate our concerns and submit questions / suggested actions to Commissioner Casey Kulla before the meeting.  Please submit your thoughts by THIS Monday June 21st to allow time:  Email us. 

Join Zoom Meeting: June 28th 10:00am – Noon


Meeting ID: 856 1330 5886 & Passcode: 016631

2) PLEASE HELP!  We NEED your help protect to continue protecting your homes/ businesses/community from the loss of water, fire danger and to spread the news of what all of us are facing.  Volunteers are needed for existing committees. We will help guide you on what needs to be done. We need your assistance to continue, please volunteer some time. Email us.

3) IN OTHER RELATED NEWS:  Southern Oregon problems: Residents take concerns over illegal Marijuana grows in Josephine to State officials.  Area Tri-County Commissioners discuss declaring a State of Emergency. https://ktvl.com/news/local/residents-take-concerns-over-illegal-marijuana-grows-in-josephine-to-state-officials

4) WILD FIRE SEASON: Thanks to Jon S. for passing along information regarding PGE “Public Safety Power Shutoffs” or PSPS.  Summer may bring proactive shutoffs.  Learn about PSPS, see whether you’re in a high-risk area and get ready for wildfire season. https://portlandgeneral.com/outages-safety/wildfire-outages

5) DONATIONS NEEDED FOR NEXT RESIDENT MAILER:  Thanks to those who have contributed, we are halfway to our goal of $1,122.45.  Please contribute via the website utilizing PayPal.  Large donations payable to “Save Chehalem Mountain” would be appreciated via check to avoid processing fees. Email us for details.

6) YAMHILL COUNTY “MARIJUANA TIME, PLACE & MANNER REGULATIONS”: volunteers are working with (3) YamCo Officials: Commissioner Mary Starrett, Planning Director Ken Friday and Attorney, Todd Sadlo.  Unfortunately, they have run into a snag with Ken Friday and are trying to work out a resolution.  Almost every County in Oregon has adopted these safety measures which are designed to protect your home/business, your home/business values, quality of life, our community, the environment and the lives of First Responders.

SAVE CHEHALEM MOUNTAIN: is a locally organized non-profit public welfare organization established to ensure that the Chehalem Mountain watershed area (see map on our website) provides the quality and quantity of water, environmental stability and fire protection necessary to support the homes/businesses, fish, wildlife, recreation, biological diversity, ecological values, public health and a sound economy.  We are the Residents & Neighbors of this community who are concerned that one industry can have a devastating impact on the entire aquifer & region.  

We are not against the crop of cannabis/marijuana/hemp and do not advocate for the removal of it.  We are concerned about the negative impacts this crop has already had on neighboring properties, the environment and on wildlife with respects to intense odor pollution, diminished quality of life on one’s property, high usage of water in a “Limited Ground Water Area” and an ongoing drought as well as legitimate fire safety concerns.

We are in favor of the safe and responsible aspects affecting the Marijuana/Hemp Industry:

  1. Safe growing, disposal of harmful chemicals, waste water & used debris
  2. Proper government oversight and rules with inspections on all growing/processing operations
  3. Yamhill County Commissioners/Planning Director & Attorney adopting “Marijuana Time, Place & Manner Regulations”.  These regulations are sensible safety guidelines designed to protect property values, quality of life and the environment.  To date, Yamhill County has not done so, despite Residents actively working with them for over (2) years.

Please Donate and Volunteer…We Need your help!


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