Weekly Newsletter Update 8/13/21

Good evening neighbors,

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  WAG Holdings, LLC (18505 NE Jaquith Road) Water Application #G-18843 request to drill a well & irrigate over 20+ acres of cannabis was on a second hold at the Oregon Water Resources Dept.  The Administrative Hold expired on 7/5/21. It has been (5) weeks since the expiration and there has been no change nor activity from OWRD.  Thanks to our Water Team who are monitoring the situation daily, keeping us updated and are in contact with OWRD & our Water Attorney.

View application: HERE.  View Resident’s comments: HERE.


“Yamhill declares water emergency, increases restrictions for all users”:  https://newsregister.com/yamhill-declares-water-emergency

Thanks to resident Rich T. for sharing: “Officials have formal reports of 117 empty wells but suspect more than 300 have gone dry in the past few weeks as the consequences of the Klamath River basin’s water scarcity extend far beyond farmers’ fields.” https://www.usnews.com/trying-to-survive-wells-dry-up-amid-oregon-water-woes

Thanks to resident Charlie S. for sharing: Oregon non-profit conducts survey of water management issues including ag usage & well monitoring. The study can be found here:  https://oregonvbc.org/agricultural-water-management/

A good summary of the study can be found here:  https://survey-most-oregonians-concerned-about-water-management

Zoom Meeting: County Water Task Force:  MON AUG 23RD 10:00 – Noon. This public meeting will be held in person (location to be determined) hosted by Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla.  It is intended to identify problems and brainstorm solutions regarding usage of water in our area.  We have requested this meeting also be available by Zoom.  Stay tuned for more info as we expect updates on that shortly.

Per Casey, We will be dedicated to ground water discussion, centered around a presentation by Justin Iverson of Oregon Water Resources Dept. on groundwater quality and quantity, monitoring, water rights, the designations for different groundwater areas mean, and more. Please be prepared with questions, from “does my pond improve ground water supply?” to “can the county deny land use applications due to lack of water?” to “what recourse do I have if my well runs dry after others install new wells?”


When to Flee a Wildfire: A New Interactive Map Ranks Rural Communities in Washington & Oregon for Wildfire Evacuation Vulnerability.

Read the Story here:https://www.forbes.com/when-to-flee-a-wildfire-new-interactive-tool

Find the Map here: https://usfs.maps.arcgis.com

Thanks to a resident for sharing her story about chainsaws and a fire that broke out on Chehalem Mtn:

One year in mid-July, a local resident on Chehalem Mountain was clearing land for their building site. He was cutting some underbrush with his 2-cycle gas powered chainsaw and was cutting close to the ground and the heat and sparks coming from the muffler (exhaust) caught the underbrush on fire.  He learned that first year that you don’t cut brush or log or any type of clearing with a chainsaw when it’s summer & fall and so bone-dry outside. Loggers can’t work in dry weather for a reason.  If you don’t see “sparks” coming out of the chainsaw exhaust, they are there, you can see them at night.  People moving up and living on Chehalem Mountain need to be extremely careful EVERY year.

READY, SET, GO!  Join TVF&R’s online presentations to learn about creating/maintaining defensible space around your home, forming emergency plans and preparing emergency kits.  Visit www.tvfr.com/395 to sign up for one of the scheduled Zoom presentations.  Dates: 8/19 & 9/16 both at 7:00pm.

Email:       SaveChehalemMountain@gmail.com

Website:  www.SaveChehalemMountain.com

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