Weekly Newsletter Update 8/30/21

Jaquith Road Operation

Water Application Status:

WAG Holdings, LLC (18505 NE Jaquith Road) Water Application #G-18843 request to drill a well & irrigate over 20+ acres of cannabis was on a second hold at the Oregon Water Resources Dept.  The Administrative Hold expired on 7/5/21. It has been (6) weeks since the expiration and there has been no change nor activity from OWRD.  Thanks to our Water Team who are monitoring the situation daily, keeping us updated and are in contact with OWRD & our Water Attorney.

View application: HERE.  

View Resident’s comments: HERE.

18505 NE Jaquith Rd Addition & Change of Management:  

Chris Bryan (aka Norton Christopher Bryan) is no longer showing as Manager for WAG Holdings LLC and several other LLCS at 18505 NE Jaquith Rd (Oretex Farms, Oretex Agricultural Holdings, CJL Holdings, JCB Farms) according to the Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Division.  He has beena replaced by his associate: http://egov.sos.state.or.us

However, Chris Bryan’s name is still showing associated with CB4 Mountain Top LLC at 18505 NE Jaquith Rd:


Additional Businesses Registered at 18505 NE Jaquith Rd:

MMVT Holdings LLC: http://egov.sos.state.or.us

Derby’s Farm LLC: http://egov.sos.state.or.us

Recap of County Water Task Force Meeting on 8/23/21

Information provided by: Karyn Hanson Chehalem Mountain Neighbor, PE Water Resources, KGH Engineering:

“I attended the Water Task Force meeting facilitated by Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla on August 23rd. A link to the entire presentation is provided below. The Oregon Water Resources Department presented a basic overview of groundwater issues and how they manage them in partnership with counties, cities and with us (stakeholders and residents). Local issues were summarized by city officials. A representative from Ron Wyden’s office gave an overview of funding opportunities and really stressed the value of multijurisdictional partnerships.

I was relieved to see that the data showed overall groundwater levels for Chehalem Mountain aquifers are stable. We are designated a “Groundwater Limited Area” because our levels used to be declining. We need to advocate for more data so we can be sure this assessment is accurate and can be aware if levels begin declining again.”

For those who wish to listen to the recording click link below:  Passcode: JEuU2*kJ

Water Taskforce Meeting Recording

Yamhill County groundwater conditions, monitoring, use, and regulation presentation document HERE.


READY, SET, GO!  Join TVF&R’s online presentations to learn about creating/maintaining defensible space around your home, forming emergency plans and preparing emergency kits.  Visit www.tvfr.com/395 to sign up for one of the scheduled Zoom presentations.  Last Presentation Date: 9/16 at 7:00pm.


volunteers are now working with (3) YamCo Officials: Commissioner Mary Starrett, Commissioner Casey Kulla & Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer.  The volunteers have provided (3) options or courses of action to take for a resolution (see below).  The goal is to schedule a Zoom Board Meeting in October between the Commissioners and affected Residents.  Almost every County in Oregon has adopted these safety measures which are designed to protect your home/business, your home/business values, quality of life, our community, the environment and the lives of First Responders.  Despite residents working with Yamhill County for years on this, no action has been taken by the County.

Note: We will be asking every Resident to email or write the Commissioners to express your feelings on why this topic is important to you and how this will affect your property or business.  We will also have an online petition to sign.  A sample letter will be provided as well as contact information.  All residents affected (including those in Washington County) are encouraged to write.  Stay tuned for more information.

Below are the suggestions that have been provided to the County Commissioners:


Expanding the current Site Design Review conditions could minimize the need to adopt a Time-Place-Manner ordinance, and would be the easiest and least costly for Yamhill County to pursue. If the Board chooses this option, we suggest that the following policy (a list of bullet points) be adopted by the Board and that the following conditions be applied to all applications through the Site Design Review process. None of the recommended conditions would preclude use of a property for production or processing.


Adopting an ordinance for Time-Place-Manner marijuana regulations might be the most complicated in terms of time and cost, but it provides clarity and consistency in the long-term development of the marijuana industry and public health, safety, and environmental concerns. An ordinance would eliminate lengthy controversial Site Design Review public meetings, appeals, and expensive citizen lawsuits that are occurring in Yamhill County.


Opting out would curtail certain new marijuana activities from occurring in Yamhill County. From our view, outdoor marijuana production and butane and chemical processing are the leading causes of public health, safety, and environmental concerns.  If butane and chemical processing were allowed only in industrial zones, and processing and outdoor production were required to be 100’ off all property lines, controversy would be greatly reduced and voters would not need to choose whether or not to allow the marijuana industry to expand in Yamhill County. 


Thanks to your support, we are able to print and mail another informational flyer out to residents on the aquifer that will alert more of our neighbors about these issues. We are committed to keeping up to date information to share with you, and to maintaining a safe and healthy aquifer for us all to utilize in a responsible way. If you haven’t already, consider helping us with expanding our reach to those that will be affected by issues on Chehalem Mountain.

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  1. I think if you look at the well data slide from OWRD, you will notice the two wells which have declined on Chehalem Mt. and are being monitored are directly in the area where WAG holdings intends to drill their well. Also, while the meeting was informative, all information presented was very vanilla and publicly available on front facing webpages associated with the government entity presenting. The only commentary of value was from the Water Master who gave a description of day to day operations and investigations. Basically there were no stop gaps to prevent harm to water users, only a means to file complaints after damages had occurred.

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