Mission Statement


Save Chehalem Mountain is a locally organized non-profit organization established to ensure that the Chehalem Mountain watershed area provides the quality and quantity of water, environmental stability and fire protection necessary to support the homes/businesses, fish, wildlife, recreation, biological diversity, ecological values, public health and a sound economy.


Save Chehalem Mountain will work to achieve and sustain a healthy, resilient and properly functioning environment and watershed, where streams, aquifers, wetlands, riparian forests, upland forests/trees, and other natural resources provide a sustainable ecological system that supports good water quality, productive habitat for native plant and animal communities, and enhanced quality of life for the homes & businesses who depend on this source of water.

Our aims are to:

  • Restore and improve the condition and health of the Chehalem Mountain watershed,
  • Promote sustainable and equitable development and management of groundwater and surface water for maximum beneficial use without waste, and
  • Foster stewardship, education, participation and financial support for the purpose of the conservation, restoration, enhancement and maintenance of the Chehalem Mountain watershed.

Chehalem Mountain Community Unite

This website is a community resource that will be used to inform and unite neighbors and friends alike. We hope to supply information, provide assistance to one another, and work together on a common goal: to ensure the viability and sustainability of our Chehalem Mountain region. We live here because we appreciate the natural beauty and bounty. We want to maintain the livability of this region. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our home, and the issues impacting it. Please take a look at our Mission page to learn more about the issues we are passionate about!

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