Want to get involved?

We appreciate your interest in helping us achieve our goals!

We are looking for knowledgeable, skilled, or connected individuals to help us tackle issues from several angles. We are interested in forming a few groups of people to work on other aspects of the issues. Please reach out if you have interest or experience with the following:

  1. Local Legislation
    • We are trying to establish legislation regarding Time, Place, and Manner for Marijuana in Yamhill County.
    • Click HERE to send us an email about your experience with local legislation.
  2. Fire
    • We are looking for individuals that are knowledgeable about fire safety relating to marijuana processing using chemical refineries in rural areas.
    • Click HERE to send us an email with your experience or connection to these issues.
  3. Media Liaisons
    • Are you organized, and a good communicator? We are interested in hearing from you about your experience talking with the media.
    • Click HERE if you have connections to investigative reporters, media outlets, etc. We would like to bring attention to our mission through the media so that more people can be informed in a meaningful way of the issues we are facing.
  4. Well Water Level Tracking
    • Do you or your neighbors have water level measuring devices on a well in the area, or would you be willing to implement one? If so, we are interested in using that data to help tell our story.
    • Click HERE if you have been tracking your well water levels, or if you are willing to start doing so now!
  5. Endangered or Threatened Species
    • Do you have a background in biology, ecology, or endangered animals? We want to hear form you regarding the impact of water levels on native species.
    • Click HERE to get in contact with us and share your background.

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