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We are compiling a list of the Oregon House Bills that are related to the mission and goals of Save Chehalem Mountain. We are always open to expanding and revising this resource, so if you are aware of other bills that may be of interest to us and our readers, please email

There are multiple critical House Bills that could hurt or begin to help our situation.  Please see below for the official comments submitted by Save Chehalem Mountain, and public testimony from our community.

House Bill #2281:

Directs State Department of Agriculture to administer Oregon Hemp State Program for production, processing and sale of hemp. Changes term “industrial hemp” to “hemp.” Requires department to conduct criminal records check of applicants for licensure to grow hemp. Allows department to identify and require by rule licensure for other activities related to hemp. Directs department to establish by rule requirements for shipment manifest for commercial hemp shipments.
Becomes operative January 1, 2022.
Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die.

PDF of HB2281

Save Chehalem Mountain’s Public Comments regarding HB 2281 are attached below.

The “Hemp Agenda” can be found here: Agriculture and Natural Resources House 2021 Regular Session – Oregon Legislative Information System

House Bill #2142:

Increases certain fees charged by Water Resources Department. Creates fee for additional
points of appropriation included in application for approval of change to existing water right or
permit. Declares emergency, effective July 1, 2021.

Relating to fees charged by the Water Resources Department; creating new provisions; amending
ORS 536.050, 537.150, 537.610, 537.620 and 539.081; and declaring an emergency.

PDF of HB2142

Save Chehalem Mountain’s Public Comments regarding HB 2142 are attached below.

House Committee on Water Agenda can be found here: Water House 2021 Regular Session – Oregon Legislative Information System

House Bill #3400:

In November 2014, Oregon voters legalized retail marijuana sales. During the 2015 session, the
legislature passed House Bill 3400, which detailed the implementation of retail marijuana sales. (Oregon Health Authority)

PDF of HB3400

Under HB3400 each county has the authority to draft Marijuana Time, Place & Manner Regulations.  To date, most counties in Oregon have implemented these measures.  Washington County and Yamhill County have not.  Below is an example of Clackamas County.

Another resource regarding Time, Place and Manner Regulations for Local Jurisdictions from the Oregon Health Authority can be found HERE, specifically on page 15.

House Bill #3239:

Establishes limits on where cannabis may be processed. Requires local fire safety plan for
chemical processing of cannabis.

Relating to cannabis processing; creating new provisions; and amending ORS 215.255, 475B.090 and

PDF of HB3239

Public Testimony on HB3239

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