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Save Chehalem Mountain, Inc is a Social Welfare Organization 501 (c) (4) and your donations are not tax deductible. We apprecaite your support, it is because of our donors that we can afford to build a strong case for our cause, and continue to protect resources for our community. Thank you.

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If you would like to make a large donation, please contact us, or mail a check to:

Save Chehalem Mountain
15532 SW Pacific Hwy C1B #331
Tigard, OR 97224

Save Chehalem Mountain is registered in the state of Oregon as Save Chehalem Mountain, Inc. Because it is a 501(c)4 the following applies:

  • It is a public benefit corporation, not a charitable organization.
  • Donations are not tax deductible.
  • Accurate records of all donors, donations, and expenditures are kept as required by law.

Your donations will go directly to avenues, as approved by the Board of Directors of Save Chehalem Mountain, that need to be pursued in order to protect and ensure sustainable use of the finite natural resources as per our mission statement, as follows:  

  • Informational material such as flyers/postage, and digital material including our website that continues to inform our community.
  • Attorney and various legal fees to build a case for our community against unsustainable use of natural resources.
  • Expert testimony to bring facts to the forefront of our cause.
  • Political action (since we are a 501 (c) 4 corporation), encouraging legislative actions that agree with our mission as per our mission statement.

The Board of Directors of Save Chehalem Mountain Inc. are thankful to you, our donors and our community, for your support. We members of the board have donated thousands of uncompensated hours of our time and will continue to do so, because we strongly believe in this cause and we are not willing to tolerate loss or damage to the natural resources of the Chehalem Mountain Limited Groundwater Area. The values of our homes and businesses in the region are threatened by lack of water and increased fire hazards. We would like to work with all of our neighbors in the Chehalem Mountain Limited Groundwater Area as we share common risks and goals.  This is why we need your support to protect our property and lives. Please consider a donation to help our community. Thank you. 


Save Chehalem Mountain, Inc. Board of Directors

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